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This site features the Wu style of Tai Chi as taught and practiced by Master Stephen Yan of Wellington New Zealand. The site also features other arts taught by Stephen that both increase health and provide the skills needed for effective self defense.

Stephen Yan is one only three disciples who has learnt the entire Wu style system of the late Master Ma Yueh-Liang and Grand Master Wu Ying hua.

Grand Master Ma was, until his recent death, one of the greatest recognised practicioners of Wu style Tai Chi in Mainland China and the World. His ultimate skill defeated all challengers from around the world and he accepted challenges well into his 90's. His reputation and skill in this regard is unsurpassed.

Master Ma 's excellence ranged from accuracy of the forms, to theory and applications in free sparring, and push hands. He remained unbeaten.

Stephen is also a disciple of Grand Master Cheng Tin-Hung who is the founder of the Hong Kong Tai Chi Association. Grand Master Cheng Tin-Hung participated in the 1957 Taiwan Martial Arts Tournament and became the middle weight champion using Tai Chi to defeat practitioners of many other styles of martial arts.

The Wu style Long Form

The Wu style Long Form is one of the forms taught in Wu Tai Chi. The form contains 108 movements/postures, and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. This is the form taught in Stephen's classes.
If you are interested, follow this link to learn the names of the movements of the Wu style Long Form in English.

A brief note from Stephen,

"It is difficult to find accurate tuition of the Wu style form. I have created this website to offer a resource for those seeking a true method of tuition as I believe my form is extremely authentic and accurate to the original Wu style."


"I hope that Tai chi will give you the health, mental stability and balance that I have gained from this practice over the period of my 25 years of study. Tai chi is also the ultimate martial art in self defence.

Of course there are different levels at which one can experience benefits but the discipline and relaxation gained from doing the form can come very rapidly with daily practice."

'Good luck with your study."

Yours truly,

Stephen Yan

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